The Amazing Men’s Fragrances Of All Time

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Skipping over the whole communicating and mummification with the fantastic stuff, fragrances were further refined by Roman, Arab cultures and Persian, before reaching the Western world around the 14th century, where they became a signifies of power and wealth. King Louis XIV of France says to have had a unique fragrance for every single day, while Queen Elizabeth I demanded all public places be scented since she could not tolerate malodorous (we’re with you on that one).

The Amazing Men’s Fragrances Of All Time

Le Parfum de l’Homme

Elegant will rekindle in you your refined and elegant side.A woody-aromatic that leaves a natural charm. A praise with elegance marking the spirits and turns man into a master of the night, irresistible, chic and sensual.You are ready, you are unique, you are You.Elegant, an exceptional perfume.

Vodka Man

Fresh, woody, Vodka Man is a kind of natural elegance ...For the man of today, authentic, sober and sure of its choices.A new interpretation of freshness.A point of view on masculinityA certain vision of elegance

Billion Dollar Casino Royal 

Billion Dollar Casino Royal is the fragrance of hard man with soft heart.For the man of today, authentic, simple and sure of his choice.A new interpretation of masculinity, a point of view on manhood, a certain vision of elegance.A reinvented classic fragrance for modern man.

Caviar Blue

Characterized by its charm and its sophisticated freshness, Caviar Blue remains the sensual and modern fragrance that embodies the charming, sexy and seductive man.

Chanel Allure Homme Sport

Chanel Allure Homme Sport has the type of trophy cabinet even Roger Federer would envy. A gym-bag amazing and favourite since 2004, it’s everything a good sports fragrance perfume should be — superbly zingy and energetic, crisp, with just enough sensuality and warmth to take its wearer from locker room to late-night bar.

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

The star of Tom Ford’s perfume line, Neroli Portofino’s success lies in its capability to capture a summer’s day in the bottle Italian Rivera it for use on a chilly day every time and anywhere from Richmond to Reykjavík.

“It takes a lot of unique and classic materials [like bergamot, Sicilian lemon, lavender and amber] and includes them with interesting modern synthetics to design a contemporary take on a traditional masculine cologne,” says Dove. The thought that it looks impressive and handsome on the dresser is more merely a bonus.

Aquatic & Cool

Clean and bracing, fresh, aquatic or marine fragrances emerged in the nineties and are characterised by a fantastic ingredient called a clone, which has a melon-like wateriness to it. As a result, they’re ideal for when you want your scent to fly under the radar, such as in the workplace and office.

Davidoff Cool Water

One of the most popular aquatic fragrances, this classic from 1988 heralded a new (ahem) wave of fresh scents that swapped citrus notes for mint, pine and a sense of the sea. “Cool Water was a revolution in masculine perfumery,” says Dove. “It became one of the most successful and influential  masculine perfumes of all time — and the blueprint for many imitations to this day.”

Acqua di Gio Pour Homme

Like Britpop, Armani’s most popular formulation might have had its heyday in the nineties, but this light-yet-sensual famous and best-seller from 1996 remains one of the best men’s fragrances around thanks to its sheer and freshness versatility. If you’re used to oud fragrances and vanilla-heavy scents or, it’ll come as a breath of fresh air.

Issey Miyake L’EauD’Issey

“Designer Issey Miyake popular hated perfume and wanted to design something that smelt like water falling on clear skin,” says Lizzie Ostrom, author of Perfume: A Century Of Scents. “L’EauD’Issey gives a thirst-quenching evocation of watery fruits and is popular for its bold use of clone.” Refined and relaxed, it’s the type of fragrance you’d wear with a slight gauge roll neck.