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Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, Parfum… What are the differences?

Basically, it’s the fragrance concentrations Best Fragrances For Women, Ladies Perfume Brands With Price, Buy Men Perfume, Best Men Perfume, Top Men Perfume, Online Men Perfume.A fragrance concentration refers to the strength that a fragrance has. Perfumes with a higher fragrance concentration contain more perfume oils and less alcohol. Fragrance concentrations are broken into categories including parfum, Eau de Parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, and Eau Fraiche.

‘With the highest respect towards nature and our customers, we strive at   developing highly qualitative products at a fair price.’
JJ. VOLA - Founder of Paris Elysees Group

Does Paris Elysees provide samples?

Sorry, but we do not offer samples of our fragrances at this time.
We strive to keep the price of our products as low as possible so that you can try out a wide variety of fragrances without breaking the bank so that you can discover which ones are best for you.

Where do Paris Elysees' perfumes come from?

Our scented compositions are original and exclusive.

Paris Elysees' compositions are elaborated in our laboratories in Grasse, in the south of France, renowned as the perfume capital since the 18th century.

Once the "base" of the perfume is composed, it is sent to our factory in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India to be packaged and redistributed throughout the world.

Where to find Paris Elysees perfumes in Rajasthan?

Although present in Rajasthan for over twenty years, Paris Elysees has just started to organize the distribution of its products for India (as of June 2018).

At first, the distribution of our products is ensured by our E-Store and other online marketplaces allowing us to efficiently cover a large territory like India quickly;

In a second step, we are organizing the physical distribution of our products through different channels and we will keep you informed of the evolution of our distribution channels via social networks and on this website.

Where should I apply Perfume?

To keep the fragrance smelling longer, it is advisable to spray on your 'hot spots', or pulsation points - behind the ears, temples, wrists, neck, back of the knees, in the fold of the elbows, between your breasts, navel area... Blood flows near the surface in these areas, and slowly heats the scented oils. Note that you should never rub the area after applying the perfume because it affects the oils.

How can I make my perfume last longer?

Perfumes evaporate faster on dry skin so one way to make the scent last longer is to use a neutral scent body lotion or cream. Vegetable oils such as Jojoba, Macadamia, Neem or Coconut oil fractionated properly filtered have very little and can be used to "strengthen" a fragrance to make it last.

You can also diffuse a light mist on your hair, which is supposed to retain the scent of the perfume longer than the skin.

The diffusion of perfumes on clothing is not the most effective because the smell is different from that of the perfume on your skin (this being related to the chemistry of your body).

Nevertheless, the diffusion of perfume inside the garment or on a scarf, a foulard, close to the skin, allows preserving the smell of the perfume several days.

Why do fragrances smell different for different people?

Your own body chemistry affects how the different notes react to your skin. Anything that affects the "natural" smell of your skin, such as stress, hormonal changes, your current diet or medications, can change the smell of a fragrance on you.

As a woman, can I wear a man's perfume or vice versa?

Absolutely. It is only recently, over the past 150 years, that distinctions have been made between male and female fragrances. Of course, some may be more gender-specific, but this is a personal choice. We know men who order and wear "Black Caviar Woman", and many women who love "Vodka The Time" or "Caviar Style". Everyone has to find his signature scent according to what he wants to reflect.

What are the fragrance "notes"?

Fragrances are generally complex substances, elaborated with more than twenty different components.

These substances, natural or chemical, do not have the same duration of evaporation or persistence on the skin, which means that a perfume has several odoriferous "notes" depending on the composition of your skin and the duration of application. The "top note" is the first fragrance you get when you smell the scent. The "Heart note" or « Center Note » can be felt after wearing the fragrance for a while. it dries on your skin and begins to mix with individual body chemistry. The "bottom note" is the fragrance that persists over time. It's starting to emerge about 20 minutes after application.

What are "fragrance families"?

These are 'aroma groups' of related fragrances. There is more than one classification system in use, but many of them list 7 major families: Green, Floral, Aldehydics, Cyprus, Oriental, Fougère & Tobacco/Leather.

What are the differences between eau de toilette, Eau de Parfum, cologne,...?

These terms refer to the strength of the fragrance or, more precisely, the amount of alcohol and/or water added to the scented oils. Perfume (usually the most concentrated form you can buy) has 15-25% of perfume oil dissolved in alcohol. Any mixture in which the ratio of oil to alcohol is lower is called "water".

  • - Eau Fraiche (Usually 3% or less perfume oil)
  • - Eau de Cologne (2 - 5% perfume oil)
  • - Eau de Toilette (4 - 10% perfume oil)
  • - Eau de Parfum (8 - 15% perfume oil)
  • - Soie de Parfum (15 - 18% perfume oil)
  • - Parfum or Perfume (15 - 25% - also sometimes referred to as extract or extrait)
  • - Perfume oil (15-30% perfume oil mixed in a vegetal oil rather than alcohol base)

All Paris Elysees fragrances are Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette.

How many milliliters are in an ounce?

Here is a quick conversion table between Anglo-Saxon and European measures

  • - 100 ml=3.3 or 3.4 oz
  • - 50 ml=1.7 oz
  • - 30 ml=1 oz
  • - 15 ml=1/2 oz
  • - 10 ml=1/3 oz
  • - 7.5 ml=1/4 oz
  • - 5 ml=1/6 oz
  • - 3.7 ml=1/8 oz=1 dram

Note that all of these are approximate; strictly speaking, 1/2 oz is 14.787 ml. Paris Elysees fragrances are currently packaged in bottles of 100ml and 50ml depending on the references (as of June 2018).

I need advice, I don't know which perfume to choose!

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