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Vodka Man & Vodka Miss Combo For Him & Her 100ml Each


With the highest respect towards nature and our customers, we strive at developing highly qualitative products at a fair price

Paris Elysees group has over 30 years experience in the perfume business and in the selection of natural raw materials all over the world. The Paris Elysees brand was conceived in 1990 in Saint Tropez, in the south of France, with the objective of creating original, high-quality fragrances at an affordable price. All our perfumes are created in Grasse - the capital of fragrances.

In 1991, glassmaking and bottling plants were setup in India


Paris Elysees' fragrances and essences are designed and created in Grasse (South of France), inspired by the energy and emotion of France and its long-standing tradition of luxury perfumery


Product Quality & Customer Satisfaction.Fair prices thanks to the control of production and distribution as well as the implementation of short and direct distribution channels .Fair procurement. Responsiveness to the market through the establishment of dedicated teams in the Web markets and in the Group's direct distribution facilities. The same teams promote brands and products in all countries where the Group is a direct distributor.


In 2010, we passed the 200 million mark for products distributed worldwide. The brand has since continued to grow in Europe and worldwide and over 350 million bottles of perfumes have been sold in Europe, North and Latin America, the Middle East, India and China. 



Health & safety are the hallmarks of our operation. Our factories and products are compliant with the latest regulatory standards

Paris Elysees strictly follows the international regulation system R.E.A.C.H. and I.F.R.A. as well as all other European and international norms

Strict standards in terms of sustainability and ethical work conditions in every operational branches, all over the world


In order to maintain originality and optimal quality, all our formulas are created in Grasse, in the south of France. Paris Elysees' fragrances and essences are inspired by the energy and emotion of France and its long-standing tradition of luxury perfumery.

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Billion Woman Night Perfume For Women 100ml

Billion Woman Night Perfume For Women 100ml

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