Vodka Brazil Blue Perfume For Men 100 ml

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Fragrance Family: Woody, Oriental

Family : Woody, Oriental. Head Note : Lemon, Pineapple, Galbanum, Lavender. Heart Note : Lily of the Valley, Cocoa, Muscade Nuts, Aromatic Herbs. Base Note : Sandalwood, Cedar, Patchouli.

Vodka Brazil Blue is an ode to youth and seduction. 

  • Intense and Long-lasting.
  • Made as per European Safety Standards.
  • Fragrance formulated in France.




Lemon is a classic citrus ingredient commonly used in perfumes for its fresh and zesty scent. It adds a clean and invigorating dimension to fragrances and is often used in both men's and women's perfumes.



Cocoa, also known as cocoa absolute or cocoa extract, is an ingredient commonly used in perfumes. It has a rich, warm, and sweet aroma with chocolatey notes that evoke a sense of comfort and indulgence. Cocoa is often used in gourmand fragrances, but it can also be combined with other notes such as florals or woods to create more complex scents.



Patchouli is a plant that is often used in perfumes as a base note. It has a rich, earthy, and woody scent with hints of sweetness and spice. Patchouli can add depth, complexity, and sensuality to fragrances, and is commonly found in both men's and women's perfumes.

Following European Safety Standards

Making Sure Your Fragrance is Free from Harmful Chemicals


Our perfumes are free from harmful chemicals like parabens, Sulphate, BHT making them safe for you and the environment.

Safe Ingredients

We use only safe and natural ingredients to create our fragrances, so you can feel good about what you're putting on your skin.

100% Natural Alcohol

Our perfumes are made with 100% natural alcohol, derived from sugarcane, for a truly natural and eco-friendly fragrance experience.

Compliance with R.E.A.C.H.

Paris Elysees strictly follows the international regulation system R.E.A.C.H. (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals), ensuring our perfumes meet the highest safety standards.

Compliance with I.F.R.A.

We adhere to the guidelines set by the International Fragrance Association (I.F.R.A.) as well as all other European and international norms to ensure the safety and quality of our fragrances.

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5 Years

Paris Elysees India Pvt Ltd,
A-135, Hirawala RIICO Industrial Area, Agra Road, Kanota-303012, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Alochol denat, Aqua, Parfum, Denatonium benzoate, Benzyl, salicylate, citral, linalool, geraniol

1 Bottle

Height: 14cm / Width: 9cm / Depth: 3.6cm